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The advantages air purification and disinfection technologies at a glance:

  • silent air purifiers for rooms up to 187m²
  • maximum air capacity up to 1400m³/h
  • 2 technologies - 3 models
  • HEPA filter H13/H14 (EN 1822)
  • Coarse and activated carbon filter (ISO 16890)
  • UVC disinfection with 254nm wavelength
  • Sterilization free from ozone and chemicals
  • Mobile applicable
  • Made in Germany
  • Luftreiniger, Luftreinigungsgerät, raumluftfilter corona, UVC Luftreiniger mit HEPA Filter, Valoair
    HEPA Filter und UVC EntkeimungHEPA Filter und UVC Entkeimung
    UVC disinfectionUVC disinfection
    HEPA filterHEPA filter
    CO2 Ampel KatogorieCO2 Ampel Katogorie


    For rooms with up to 187m² and adjustable air performance of max. 1400m³/h *.

    incl. certified HEPA H13/H14 filters according to EN 1822

    incl. coarse and activated carbon filter ISO 16890

    Environmentally friendly

    No use of toxic chemicals, harmful ozone or ionizing particles

    Virus inactivation occurs at a wavelength of 254 nm



    Completely safe operation of the device in the presence of people

    All our air purifiers work with an internal UV-C radiation, which does not escape to the outside.

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    Scientific effectiveness

    Click here for an overview of the proof of efficacy and other important information


    What is removed from the air by Valoair air purifiers?

    Luftreiniger, UVC Luftreiniger, luftreinigungsgerät

    Coarse particles such as pollen, lint, etc.

    Luftreiniger, UVC Luftreiniger, luftreinigungsgerät

    Fine dust, aerosols, incl. viruses (e.g. Corona)

    Luftreiniger, UVC Luftreiniger, luftreinigungsgerät

    Viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi

    Luftreiniger, UVC Luftreiniger, luftreinigungsgerät

    Unwanted odors



    VALOAIR UVC Air Purifier with HEPA Filter H13 H14 I Münich I www.valoair.de

    1st stage (All models): Coarse filter ISO 16890
    - Pre-filter for coarse particles such as pollen, lint, etc.

    2nd stage (model UVC and combination): UV-C light for disinfection
    - Use of ozone-free UV-C lamps
    - Efficacy of 99.95% against viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold

    3rd stage (HEPA model and combination): HEPA filter class H13/H14 (both certified according to EN 1822).
    - Separation efficiency of 99.995% of germs, fine dust, aerosols and viruses

    4th stage (All models) : Activated carbon filter
    - Neutralization of undesirable odors
    - Pleasant room experience
    - Adsorption of harmful gases

    INFO: The 4-stage process described here applies to the Valoair SG120+ air purifier, which has a combination of HEPA filter H13 or H14 and UVC light. Other devices contain three of the described filter stages, depending on the model.

    Übersicht der Modelle


    Erhalten Sie kostenlose Informationen über neue Produkte und die neusten Angebote.


    Areas of application

    Due to the internal, chemical-free UV-C disinfection, our air purifiers offer a wide variety of possible installation locations.

    Our UVC air purifiers with HEPA H13/H14 filter, activated carbon and coarse filter and/or UV-C radiation can clean rooms from 40m² up to 125m².

    Through Valoair we all have again the possibility to work together more carefree, to receive guests and customers, to provide education in the form of face-to-face classes and to visit our loved ones again without worries.

    Learn more about industries and areas that can benefit from our air purifiers.

    VALOAIR Application Areas HEPA Filter I Münich I www.valoair.de
    Luftreiniger, UVC Luftreiniger, luftreinigungsgerät, Übersicht der Modelle, Valoair Luftreiniger, UVC Luftreiniger