Areas of application

Due to the internal, chemical-free UV-C disinfection, our air purifiers offer a wide variety of possible installation locations.

The use of our devices is basically suitable for closed rooms in which several or changing persons are present. This is because the risk of infection from the aerosols is particularly high there. 

Aerosols are tiny air components that are also exhaled when we speak. Aerosol researcher and physicist Gerhard Scheuch has already explained in an interview in FOKUS online that aerosols continue to have an effect long after a person has left a room. This means that even if the person has left the room for a certain time, the aerosols are still in the air of the room and the next person who comes can become infected. However, the danger exists only if the aerosols can accumulate in the room in sufficient quantity in the first place.
In an image below, you can see a practical guide to classifying indoor spaces according to the risk of infection from "very low risk" to "very high risk".

Einsatzbereiche, Drinnen Gefahr, draußen nicht,
Quelle: Der Lufthygiene-Check: Sichere Räume in einer Pandemie. *Liegen keine CO2- oder Aerosol Konzentrationsmessungen vor, dann sollten jeweils 0 Punkte eingetragen werden <1 Punkte: sehr geringes Risiko 2-6 Punkte: geringes Risiko 6-10 Punkte: mittleres Risiko 11-15 Punkt: hohes Risiko 15-19 Punkte: sehr hohes Risiko

Outdoors, people have almost nothing to worry about, but indoors, exposure to aerosols can increase the risk of infection. The Robert Koch Institute identifies the places where people become infected with the coronavirus. Depending on the different factors, the rooms can be divided into different "risk classes".

Areas of application
The Robert Koch Institute clearly identifies the places where people become infected with the coronavirus.

Valoair air purifiers can clean all rooms with an air flow rate of up to max. 1400m³/h. Through filtration with HEPA H13/H14 filters, coarse filters, activated carbon filters and the UV-C radiation in our devices, we make an important contribution to the reduction of allergy-causing pollen, virus- and bacteria-laden aerosols, odors and other pollutants and suspended matter in the room air.

Through Valoair, we all once again have the opportunity to work together more carefree, to welcome guests and clients, to provide education in the form of face-to-face classes, and to visit our loved ones without worry.

Industries and sectors that can benefit from our air purifiers: 

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